Custom Pencil Drawings of your pet, people, sports events, and any occasion , is the perfect place to order : Custom Pencil Drawings, Pet Drawings, People Drawings, Portraits Drawings, Sports Drawings

                                                                                      How to order

*Send Photograph: If sending a regular snapshot from a 35mm can either scan your photo and email it to us...or
email us and we will assist you with "snail mailing" your photo.
If sending a digital photo...simply email it to us (digital method preferred).
NOTE: Please make sure the pet or person's picture we are to draw is very clear and preferably at least 2" in height (referring to the person or pet's head height). This is so we can catch important details of that person or pet. In some cases it might be necessary to send more than one photo of the same person so we can catch distinctive details of the person or pet we are drawing

Payment Terms

We only request 50% upfront start cost, not refundable,  as we want to be certain you are a serious customer. Upon completion of the drawings...we request the remainder 50% Plus the shipping costs in order for the finished piece(s) to be shipped. You will receive an email with Photos (not scans as the portraits will be too large to scan) of your finished Custom Pencil Drawings to be certain you are happy with them. They are way better in person but you will get an idea from the photos just the same before you pay your final charges

We begin drawing your portrait after receiving all instructions an photos

(Expect this process to take one to two weeks depending on work volume)


Your finished portrait will be shipped to you using
USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation (2-3 days within
the United States). If other methods of shipping are
preferred...please specify before paying for your portrait drawing
and we will let you know the charges of your chosen shipping

                                                                                  Notes on Shipping

We intend to ship FLAT!!!!!! We do not believe in ROLLING Drawings...We fear wrinkles when rolling. Too much time goes into drawing these pictures...we hate to mess them up at time of shipping. 
We also intend to protect the work with a plastic sleeve we get from a Fine Art Supply store to resist accidental and unnecessary smudging with the piece only coming out of the sleeve at the time of Framing and Matting. It is a clear sleeve.
The sleeve then will be placed between two pieces of thin ply-wood or something similar to protect it from bending, etc... during shipping.

Payments accepted through PayPal©, Money Orders, Cashiers Check.
PayPal© Preferred!

                                                                                                 WORD ON YOUR PHOTOS
We respect photographers' copyright. We ask that you send your own photos, not a professional work of someone else; however, if you wish to obtain (in writing) a photographer release from the photographer stating we can use their photo to make a drawing... we certainly don't mind using them

                                                                                             Drawing Process Information

The process normally takes about 2 weeks or more, depending on various criteria like size, details and how many subjects are to be drawn. Once the drawing is finished the client will receive a photo.  Please take in consideration we are not professional photographers, so the photo will be as close as possible to the real artwork. Sometimes fine details and shadows cannot be captured into the photo. At this point the customer can ask for touch-ups like shadows, and some other small details if necessary.  After requested touch-ups have been done, we will send another photo with the touch-ups. Once the customer is happy with the completed artwork, Claudiu will spray the artwork with a protective spray, which will prevent the artwork from accidental smudging. The spray will not change the quality of the drawing. After spraying, touch-ups cannot be done, that will destroy the drawing.

Very Important Note:  We are doing the drawing exactly how the photo looks like. If you have anything in mind for the picture like adding something else, or adding writing, please request those facts before the process of drawing is started. Anything else you request after the drawing is approved and finished, will be an extra charge, or depending on the changes in some cases the requested changes might not be able to be done due to the stage the drawing is in at the time of request. Only touch-ups and small details are free of charge.  When in doubt?ask for it up front when you place an order.  Claudiu looks forward to creating a timeless piece of Art for you!